SIMECO — CATALOG — Refrigerating equipment


SIMECO company is eager to draw you attention to the series of refrigerating equipment. These are refrigerating tables, refrigerating worktops, refrigerating show-cases and refrigerating stalls. Due to the high quality of the production and the use of modern technologies SIMECO company is able to meet a wide range of demands imposed on the refrigerating equipment. It is achieved because:
Every product gets through the quality control system. Technical characteristics of the products (such as energy efficiency and refrigerating capacity) can compete with foreign analogs, and new construction solutions (port for cleaning the assembly) make them unique in the market.
And also:
• The size of the equipment produced can be set by the client.
• Development of non-standard solutions.
• Individual design approach.
• Stainless steel of high quality.
• Accessories by world leading manufacturers.
• Ergonomic construction that facilitates easy service.
• Large sizes that are limited only by the possibilities of transporting.
• Metal thickness of 1 mm and more depending on the purpose.