Such factors as quality and human-friendliness are of major importance when choosing equipment for food production. Thus the top and all elements of the equipment must withstand the negative influence of acid conditions, alcohol, washes for sanification, the brims of the equipment should not cause cuts, and all items should be durable and solid. SIMECO is particularly responsible for the quality of the equipment, and its production conforms to the level of world best standards; it also meets all sanitation and hygiene requirements established by official standards and norms.

It should be specially mentioned that:

Edging of details or pressing – is 180°  bending of the plate edge. The aim of this operation is to exclude the possibility of cutting by the edge of the item. The quality of edges and ribs for equipment made of plate metal is one of the most important criteria of the final product’s general quality. All our products get through plate-bending machines with pressing blades.

Rear view of backsplash with safe edge.

Another important criterion of our equipment’s quality is the brand of stainless steel and the thickness of metal plate. All SIMECO’s equipment is made of food heat-resistant steel AISI 304 and AISI 430 that contribute to high durability, resistance to corrosion, and good mechanics, and the plate of 1 and more mm thickness is used (but for exhaust hoods) depending on the purpose of the final product.

Producers of profile rolled steel cover the top of the plate with protection film that prevents any minor damage while being transported.
At SIMECO’s manufacturing facilities we try to keep the film that is removed right before using the equipment, so all tops have a strong metallic appearance.

Welded worktop.

One more thing we would like to mention is the quality of welded seams. A scratchy seam might lead to corrosion and, as a rule, to the decrease of the item’s performance, might cause cuts and contain pieces of metal that pose a danger for health. Thus special attention is paid to the grinding and polishing of welded seams while manufacturing the equipment. Modern grinding equipment and abrasive materials used by SIMECO guarantee a plain top of the welded junction that provides for attractive appearance, safety and easy sanitary care.

The main quality criteria concerning the thermal and refrigerating equipment are economical and ecological efficiency and safety of exploitation. The most important and essential factor is the optimal balance between refrigerating or warming efficiency and energy capacity, as they determine the cost recovery of the equipment and the following profit. Specialists from SIMECO are always ready to offer a proper technical solution and help to make a right choice of thermal and refrigerating machines.

Designing and developing of efficient refrigerating and warming systems are of crucial significance for SIMECO.

That is achieved by means of using:

• polyurethane isolation,
• highly efficient compressors (working with R404A, R134A),
• LED luminous elements,
• electronic operating panels optimizing the equipment work,
• thermopane glass with low warmth emission coefficient
for refrigerating equipment

infrared heating elements, 
• Flat heating elements 
for thermal equipment. 

If needed all SIMECO equipment is tested in the stability chamber that helps to model the harming influence of the environment.