Refrigerating box for waste «Tropic» — Simeco

Refrigerating box for waste «Tropic»
  • Length: from 43'' to 43''
  • Depth: from 36'' to 36''
  • Doors: doors

Code: 069.0UG.39855

Refrigerating boxes for waste is designed for short-term cooling of food waste in trading and catering companies, hotels and places where, according to the requirements of food supervision, food waste must be kept cooled. It is possible to set the waste cooler even in a small kitchen due to its compact size. The upper sliding hatch and the bottom incline plate construction make it user-friendly.

• 18/430 stainless steel
• Welded construction
• Execution versions:  one swing door
• There is sliding hatch for collecting waste on the worktop
• The unit is on the right
• Automatic defrosting
• Electronic control,  digital display
• Ventilated refrigeration
• There is inclined step for rolling trash can
• 43"x36"x 
• Operating temperature: +35,6...+46,4 °F
• Power - 1 kW; 120 V
• Refrigerant gas R404A
• For installation in places with high temperatures (up to 109,4 °F)

Our main advantages:
We have many years of experience in designing non-standard equipment.
Every product gets through the quality control system.

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